Working To Become A Fashion Designer Through School & Internships

Many people grow up with a desire to become a fashion designer. Others try other careers first and decide later on in life. No matter what time one decides to pursue fashion design, there are various necessary tasks to complete in working towards the goal.

Decide What Type of Fashion Design Suits You

First, a person interested in fashion design needs to perform basic research on the specific area of fashion design they are most interested in pursuing. The broad title of fashion design encompasses many types of careers that range from being a design team supervisor to starting a personal label of clothing. To come up with a specific fashion design niche, think about what is most interesting about fashion design and go from there.

Apply to a Fashion Design School

All fashion designers have completed some sort of training, either formal or informal. If someone is interested in designing fashion trends for a large company, there are a number of fashion schools such as The Art Institutes that can provide the education. You’ll have to do some prioritizing regarding what is most important to you, but after you decide which schools are right for you it is time to apply to these schools.

Obtain a Fashion Design Internship

Real world experience is necessary when pursuing a career in fashion design due to the industry’s creative nature. Without some sort of internship or past work experience in the design field, those interested in fashion design are not likely to advance too far within the ranks. Internships provide this necessary experience and also advance the personal skills of the intern; both of these traits are looked at when applying for a first fashion design job. Internships in this field are sparse, fierce, and much sought after. As a result, a prospective intern must make sure to have a solid portfolio of ideas, a few great references, and most importantly some sort of education to back it all up. Knowing someone in the field is the most common way to obtain an internship, so get out there and network.

Understand the fashion design business

Fashion design is not only about creativity and good fashion. A successful fashion designer must also truly understand the business, understand the clients, and most importantly understand what it takes to succeed. Again, this information will only become known after real world experience in the fashion industry. The major point here, however, is that experience is required but experience alone will not allow for success. An interested person must also delve into the details of the business too.