Good Fashion Design Schools

How would you define the Top Fashion Design Schools in the US? It is actually very difficult to define a good school because it is such a personal choice. Each student has their own ideas and needs, and the best fashion design school for each student is the one that meets those individual requirements.

When considering good fashion design schools, a prospective student should consider different aspects of the school. The location of the school and its setting need to be considered carefully. The student also needs to consider whether the school is located in an urban or rural setting when looking at non-school facilities and transport options.

The cost of the program, financing that is available, and whether a prospective student might receive a scholarship or a grant are also important aspects. Looking at what alternative courses are available, like fashion photography, would also be an advantage.

What makes a good fashion design school? This also involves considering various factors. The facilities provided at the school and the non-academic programs for the student to engage in are also determining factors in what makes a good fashion design school. Another way is to also research the Alumni of the school and see if there are successful fashion designers amongst them.

The academic programs offered and the faculties teaching those courses are crucial. If a student is interested in sports, looking into the schools’ athletic programs and achievements can be very useful in determining a good school. Whether the program also includes job placement or an internship would also need to be considered in a fashion design program.

In the end, the choice is up to the student, so choose wisely!

There are professional positions involved at every step of the fashion industry, from conception of design to production of garments to retail. So the question may become whether a student relocates to one of the urban centers with the top fashion design schools, or chooses to attend one of the hundreds of fashion colleges spread across North America.

It’s quite possible that succeeding at a smaller college may be more beneficial to the student than achieving more modest results at a larger institution with a more postured reputation in the fashion industry. It’s quite possible that in some cases, the different geographical influences experienced at more remote schools actually inspire fresh ideas which are very well received in the overall market.

The Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in Manhattan, The School of The Art Institute in Chicago and The Art Institute of California are considered top fashion design schools by the industry. However, students wishing to specialize in areas such as textiles, design, merchandising, photography, or marketing may still find excellent programs at one of the independent fashion colleges.

The top fashion design schools located in the eastern United States include The Pratt Institute and Parsons The New School for Design, both offering Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Parsons also happens to be the former teaching home of Tim Gunn, host of Project Runway. Drexel University in nearby Philadelphia also offers a BFA in Fashion Design.